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Rainier Arms Timney Triggers AR-15 Competition Skeletonized Trigger - 4lbs $279.99
Bauer Precision TriggerTech Trigger Diamond Curved Trigger Single Stage Adjustable 1.5-4.0LB PVD Finished Hammer and Trigger Shoe Blue $279.99
Rainier Arms American Trigger Company (ATC) AR Gold Adjustable Trigger $279.00
Primary Arms Geissele Automatics Hi-Speed National Match Two Stage AR-15 Trigger Set .154" $279.00
Bauer Precision Geissele Hi-Speed National Match - Trigger Set $279.00
Strong-Side Tactical SR Gold Adjustable Trigger $279.00
Rainier Arms Triggertech Adaptable AR Trigger - PVD Black $269.99
Bauer Precision Timney AR-15 Skelontonized Trigger 3lb $269.99
Primary Arms Elftmann AR-15 3 Gun Trigger Curved Mil-Spec .154" $269.00
Primary Arms Elftmann AR-15 3 Gun Trigger Straight Mil-Spec .154" $269.00
Rainier Arms Elftmann Tactical 3 Gun Trigger $269.00
Primary Arms HIPERFIRE HIPERTOUCH Eclipse AR-15 Trigger Assembly $261.25
Rainier Arms Hiperfire HIPERTOUCH ECLipse, AR15/10 Trigger Assembly $261.25
Rainier Arms Triggertech Adaptable AR Trigger - Stainless $259.99
Rainier Arms Fostech ECHO Sport AR-15 Platform Trigger $259.99
Rainier Arms JP Enterprises FIRE CONTROL MODULES - Flat $258.99
AR15Discounts Battle Arms BAD-TT-15 Frictionless Trigger $255.00
Rainier Arms Battle Arms Development Edition Trigger- Curved $255.00
Primary Arms HIPERFIRE Hipertouch Competition AR-15/10 Trigger Assembly $250.00
Weapon Outfitters Geissele Automatics Super 3 Gun Trigger (S3G) $250.00
Weapon Outfitters Geissele Automatics Super Dynamic Enhanced Trigger (SD-E) $250.00
Palmetto State Armory CMC Triggers AR-15 Tactical Single Stage Curved Trigger, Matte Black (3.5lb) - 91501 $249.99
Palmetto State Armory Hiperfire HIPERTOUCH Elite AR15 Trigger Assembly - HPTE $249.99
Palmetto State Armory CMC Drop In Trigger Single Stage Tactical Flat Bow AR-15/AR-10, 3.5lbs - 91503 $249.99
Rainier Arms Timney Triggers AR-10 Competition Trigger - Curved $249.99
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